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Workers fury after govt fails to announce pay increase
NAIROBI, Kenya May 1 – Workers left Uhuru Park, the venue of Labour Day celebrations in Nairobi dejected after the government failed to award them a pay increase. With the harsh economic times, workers… Read more

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Mkawasi Mcharo Hall, a diaspora voice and 
2006-2008 President of KCA, 
the Americas diaspora representative in the
2011 16th Biennial Ambassadors & 
High Commissioners Conference in Mombasa
Nairobi, Kenya
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Coming Soon!

From the director of
Kenya National Theatre

Pambazuka! '96   &  Subira '97

comes another heart‑stopper

puma  /breath ‑ pulse

Labored breath, pulse erratic
We purge and search among the dead
For a miracle, a child's paradise

mkmc (c) 2013

PUMA is epic "Broadway" in Kenya!

Coming to the Kenya National Theatre

Playwright: Mkawasi Mcharo Hall

Two best friends set off to find someone who does not want to be found. What is life like when there's no one there to give applause to your proudest moment, no one except the very person who has rejected you?



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